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The World Ends With You (Alice)
Basically a spin-off on the Nintendo DS game, The World Ends With You. My story revolves with a girl named Luna, whom has died for some unknown reason, and a vampire who goes by the name Virus. Virus finds her and forms an alliance with her, because she inherits an ability to see death.

More info soon...

Alice Majestic (Past name: Luna)
Age: 18 (AOD)
Location: NYC
Musical tastes: Metal, Rock, Classic Rock, Pop
Ability(s): Clairvoyance
Favorite song: Panic Switch--Silversun Pickups

Born into a average family household, consisting of her closeknit family, Luna led a simple life. Quiet, smart (not intelligent, she doesn't see herself that way), humble, and somewhat of a klutz, she didn't know her life would change. One minute she's in the train station, and the next minute, she's somewhere on the outskirts of the city, on the ground with only her Ipod, and her cell phone. The next thing she knows is that she hears constant voices in her head, and visions flashing in her mind. She is the key person in which Virus was looking for called "The White Rabbit".

Age: ?
Location: ?
Musical tastes: Classical, Heavy Metal
Ability(s): Flight, mind reading
Favorite song: For Whom the Bell Tolls--Metallica

A young vampire prince from France, he dares not disclose his real name to anyone. He is somewhat of a rebel, and his attitude dares show him that way. His mission led him to find the one in which they call "The White Rabbit" or "White Noise". His mission with Alice is to seek and destroy "The Reapers" in which are killing innocent victims. But he didn't know how much time or what he was getting into himself. Virus gave Luna the nickname Alice being she is in between both worlds; she is neither alive nor dead.


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