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To Whom It May Concern...part 2
"....,just great..." Luna says while running into the 4th Ave. train station. "Stupid F train is just pulling out. Oh well, I guess its no rush anyway. Got an hour to kill." Walks among the crowd of yuppies with their cameras. "God the holidays are over already," she mumbles to herself. She turns around, and unzips her bag, "Now where did I put it, ok good", she takes out her Ipod and her headphones, "Now lets see here...hmm, today's shuffle mode song of the day... click, click, huh, Aerosmith's Amazing. Cool".

Luna turns around, and spots another group of strange people, "Odd, its extremely bustling today here, or is it just the norm? Oh well, no use thinking about it I guess". Clips her Ipod to her side, and takes out her phone, "No use checking this today, plans are canceled as usual", she sighs loudly, and tries to find a seat on the platform, and puts her phone away.

"...That one last shot's a Permanent Vacation
And how high can you fly with broken wings?
Life's a journey not a destination
And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings..."

Aerosmith continues singing amongst the train loudspeaker saying that there is a five minute delay.

Luna closes her eyes briefly when..."What, my phone lit up?" Glimpses her coat pocket for a moment, then shrugs it off. "Not even worth looking at right now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel." She starts to walk up to the platform and wait with the other onlookers for the F train to stop.

"I'll check my phone later I guess, must be spam".

Virus arrives at the airport, and parks his motorbike next to his dad's charter plane. One of another one of his dad's members waves to him, and Virus waves back, unbeknown to him that he was gesturing to talk to him. Just as he was going to one of their Boeing 747 cargo planes, he hears a familiar voice,
"Going somewhere?"

Virus turns around and looks face to face with his father, "Tristian...I mean father what are you doing here?"

"The same goes for you", he says crossing his arms in front of him. "Don't think I got eyes everywhere Lazarus."

Virus scoffs, "Yes I know, I do apologize, but you do know why or where I'm going."

"Yes but of course", he stares out into the distance. "But you intend to go alone?"

"I have my reasons father", while doing a half hearted courtesy bow to him. "I work alone, and I intend it that way".

"You know nothing of where you are going, and yet you insist on this lone wolf strategy, now why is this?" He walks up towards his son, and places his hand on his shoulder, "Do you not trust your family?"

Virus looks down at the ground, and breathes a deep sigh, "...It's not that. I just would like to know the reason myself why this is happening, and I want to see that it gets resolved my way without any disruptions or help from any outside party".

"...I see"

"I do apologize, father but I need to use your plane again. I already spoke to Ramsus about my departure, I need for everyone to send my provisions on the cargo plane".

Tristan looks at Virus puzzled, "I do not understand here. What's going on?"

"To put it bluntly father", Virus says, "We do not have much time here".

Next stop 42nd St. Grand Central Station, the 6 train chimes in.

"I guess since I'm here, I'll stop at Conde Nast just to check up", Luna says, "And hopefully I can get out of here in one piece, excuse me people", while trying to squeeze herself out of the subway car.

Sigh. She walks out of the terminal and out into the main home of the Big Apple, and sees the sky half way clearing up, "Well, looks like the sun is trying to come out. Gotta turn this off though." Takes her Ipod and locks the screen. "Time to play frogger on the sidewalk now".

After the constant hubbub of the people going back and forth, Luna arrives at Conde Nast, and opens one of the glass doors.

"Hey, haven't seen you in a while, where you been?", Michael one of the security guards asks her.

"Hey Mikey," Luna chuckles, and gives him a high five, "Oh been here, done that."
"No new drawings?"
"No my friend, been re editing my previous stuff."
"You got that right".
"Where you heading to?"

"Oh just the usual place, I have to talk to Maria, my intern", she gestures with her finger upward.

"Oh alright then. Take care".
"You do the same".

"Ok, Lazarus, but I do suggest you heed my assistance".

Virus' brow goes up slightly, "And what will your assistance do for me?"

Tristian puts his arm down from Virus' shoulder, "Well let's just say, if you do. There is a couple of people dispatched in New York that can provide any help you need. You are a prince, you do know that, so..."

"Must I have a bodyguard..." Virus abruptly says, "I can take care of myself, and the more people that get involved in this, the more alarm it will cause. She is probably going to be scared enough between the Reapers, and me. If I do need sideline help, I'll let you know. All I ask is for any information on the whereabouts of these Reapers. That's enough assistance for now". Virus starts to walk away, and motions to one of his guards, "Tell Kora, I'm sorry".

"Sigh, another death, huh?" Maria folds the New York Times as Luna comes walking in the door.

"Hi, Luna. So what brings you here?"

"Oh nothing much really, just checking to see if there is any new news?"

"No not really. Still working on the article. Alot on news on these increases in deaths though".

"How is that new news? I mean isn't the crime rate high in New York City?"

"...Well", she says as she's sitting down in her chair, "It isn't as bad as LA".
"I guess".
"Enough about that though, you staying here today, Luna?"

Luna shakes her head, "No.", points to her watch, "I'm going to work soon, so I just came to say hi. After that I'm heading home", walks back towards the elevator, "I guess I'll see you, right?

"Ok, well try to take care of yourself ok?"

She didn't answer my question, "Ok", Luna waves and walks away.

In the plane Virus looks more intensely at the file that Ramsus gave him, as well as the disc on his Mac Book.

"Hmmm", gazes at a picture of Luna, "She shouldn't be hard to spot hopefully, she's beautiful for a mortal". Looks at her achievement information, "And smart".


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