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To Whom It May Concern...part 1
"So what is the meaning of this meeting?" someone asks sourly.
"Now, now prince..."
He stomped his foot, "What did I tell you about addressing me accordingly. Must I say this every time?"
"Ok, sire, Virus".
"...Well", Virus shrugged, "I guess that'll do for now. I take it must be about the sudden deaths that are happening as of late, Council".
Council furrowed his brow, "Yes, yes, and how did you know this?"
Virus stepped away, "I got eyes in the back of my head, of course. Heh, just kidding, rumors have been spreading around, that these mere deaths are more then what meets the eye."
"Yes, very much so sire...I mean Virus." He paused short of himself. "Now why must I call you this again?"
Virus shook his head, "We went through this many times Council. I prefer to be called this only to hide my lineage from this place."
"Well...you are certainly hiding it enough, the way you are dressed. I mean Virus, do you not fancy your wardrobe?"
"...Council, must we talk about this now? We have more pressing matters to attend to then my clothes."
"Yes, yes, of course". Council re-adjusted his glasses.


Virus, also know as Lazarus Lucian Antos, is one of the tenth vampire princes in the secret society of the Illuminati, known to control world affairs such as the major present day government and corporations; he is not one to be taken so lightly. Falls short of a temper, Virus tends to be secretive, hiding his identity and his lineage for all he does business with. He is to be next in line alongside his father Tristan Lucian Antos, but does not want to associate with the hierarchy, being he feels out of place. Virus tends to dress in what Council calls "Street clothes" and alot of times disappears without a trace for some time. He lives among with humans, and enjoys the pleasantries, and not the lavish lifestyle he grew up with. For many of his peers, along with his mother Kore the Queen, they go along with this, only to make him happy. But for others, its rebellious, and what they call unsanitary.

Like most vampires, Virus has some abilities he was born with. He has the ability of flight, and mind reading. Nobody knows about the mind reading though, and he tends to keep it that way. He also plays the violin, but listens to current music. He can mostly be seen wearing his headphones most of the time, even through meetings. But he does have somewhat of a kind caring nature. He is brash most of the time to show his superiority.

Also like most vampires, he is weak towards sunlight, but since he is a pureblood it only makes him tired, not burn up. He drinks blood only when need be when he's weak. He also wears a cross around his neck, imbued with holy water to form a resistance to it. Virus' wardrobe of course consists of almost everything black; and wears sneakers, tinted sunglasses, and gloves. When he's out you will always see him with his backpack consisting of his Mac Book, sketchbook, and his cell phone. He does not wear a blue tooth in his ear because he does not want to look like a snob. His eyes are a translucent sky blue, and change to a blood red. His hair is jet black, with blue tips, and he is tall and muscular for a young vampire, and knows how to use a sword very well.

"So what have you got for me, Council?" Virus said.
"Oh yes, yes, more information on what we were discussing before", he said. The sound of shuffling papers fills the air.

Virus starts to get irritated, "Why don't you tell me what it is instead of looking over your notes for pete's sake. You do know what we were talking about yesterday do you?".

"I do know, prince, but there is some new information to be had here, and that is what I am looking for".

"...Forget I asked then." He then goes to the end of the meeting hall, and pulls the drapes open. "I need a little air in here, Ramsus, looks lovely out there" he sneered politely. He pulls out a chair from the table, and puts his legs on the table, and takes out his Ipod. "So...while you're looking for these new notes of yours I'll just enjoy myself here. I sometimes wonder why you guys don't have computers already. It's the new age, and we're working with big conglomerates here. Or is this information you got just in disarray?"

"I wish I knew Virus. Romus is taking care of matters in Germany, so I'm stuck with this. How in hell does he even work with the bureau I do not know".

Virus starts to chuckle, "Beats me, he is sort of an oddball he is".

Ramsus' eyes start to light up, "Ok, here it is, more information on the one they call "The White Rabbit"".

Virus' brow slowly goes up, "So what is it then? Do we have more information on this person?"

"Well..." Ramsus starts going over his notes again, "Yes...we do. Looks like we have a name, location, some history, and it looks like an ETD. How is it possible they even got that information". He commences to walk toward the end of the hall.

"Give me the notes Ramsus. I think I'll be briefed enough on this."


"Ok, mom I'm leaving for work".

"Hey wait dear, what did I tell you, wear a coat." A jacket gets thrown in Luna's face.

"Yea...thanks mom."

"Oh don't you worry, you'll be thanking me later. Want a bagel?"
"An everything bagel?"
"Of course, what else".
Luna starts to laugh, "Thanks mom", while holding the jacket in disgust. "All this rain is annoying the hell out of me. The weatherman is being sort of a nuisance now. I was going to go to Chinatown later today too".

"I thought your plans were canceled Luna?"
"They are, as always, but I'll go by myself, I guess. That's what I get for having a fair weathered friend".

Luna's mom stands by the door and sighs, "Hope you have a good day, I mean a better day", while hugging her.

"Thanks mom, I'll try. I'll go get some dumplings later on."
"Can't wait".
"See yea"
"What's wrong mom?"
"Your books."
"Ooops, I never leave home without my backpack. Must be one of those days."
"Don't fret my pet".
"I gotta get that A train, stupid F train never runs on time. Thanks again mom".

"Name: Luna Majestic
Age: 18 (ETD)
Location: Brooklyn, NY aka The Big Apple
Description: Green eyes, short, long dark brown hair, quiet, and soft spoken. Works for Virgin records Megastore in Times Square. A freelance artist that is an intern at Conde Nast. Finishing up college at Hunter; majoring in the medical field; undetermined. Falls short of a social life with friends who need her when necessary. Loves dogs, is a movie buff, is somewhat of a nerd.
Abilities: Clairvoyant; has a weak ability to hear people's thoughts."

Virus looks over the paper again, and smiles slightly, "I really do not think this information is absolutely necessary. Mostly I need a description of what she looks like, and where she is currently residing."

"Sorry Virus", Ramsus said, "I'm just looking over this information myself as well. We have most of the files on her contacts, and some more information on her inherit abilities. Here's a document about a doctor she saw, without consent. Apparently the abilities were slowly manifesting, but then went away. I can only speculate she was given medications, so it was just an immature incident".

"Can I see that document?"
"Of course, sire, from what I was told, this information took alot of fighting to get". Ramsus hands Virus the document, "Thank you".

Virus closed his eyes for a brief moment, "The privacy act of course."
"Very much so".
He skims it slightly, and commences to read a couple of sentences, "Patient claims to hear various voices in her head, but says that it is not her own voice, but other voices. Vital signs seem normal, no fever, shows no sign of fatigue", he flings the files on the table. "I seriously wish doctors would stop over reading them like they're cattle. Well at least they didn't take her seriously, that gives us a chance, at least". He looks at his watch, "So how much time do we have till D-day?"

"Not much time. At least a day, maybe not even."

"Well, I guess that leaves us no choice then", cracking his knuckles, he looks out into the Paris skyline, "Half the day is gone, we have to get ready. I seriously do not want to take the private charter plane, but we have no choice". Virus rises from his chair, and starts to walk away, taking his bag, and putting his shades on.

Ramsus starts running after him "Are you serious? You're taking your dad's plane? He'll kill you."

Virus raises his hand out, "Be silent about it, he'll won't know. Only if you tell him he will. Besides my plane is still being worked on, and besides the point, I'm dead," he continues to walk away and waves his hand signaling his departure, chuckling loudly.

"Yea your third plane Virus", Ramsus shouts out in the far distance, "And yea, you'll be deader then dead".

He commences on laughing...


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