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Silent Hill: The Whispers of Hell


I always was told that nobody is perfect, and as the case may be I have sought that concept of reality. We all have faults, one way or another. No matter how hard we try to hide them, or make a fool out of ourselves to hide them.

In turn, I decided to continue on with this odyssey upon the concept of fault, or fact versus neither fiction nor truth.

That seems to hold the case when I attempted to grasp the concept of “Silent Hill”. Even if it is a game, it’s something more then that. It’s about people like you and I who tend to live a life in which they wish no one even existed. Confronting their own demons of yesteryear, and believing that someone is out to get them.

People wish to change them into something they are not, and forcing them into a ditch of their own despair. It’s like you’re digging your own grave.

I sometimes think that “You make our own hole to dig”, as my mom used to always say. You create your own problems. So how do you solve them? By running away I presume?

And that’s what I intended to point out here, that running away makes it worse. The insanity turns into a nightmare of sorts. A nightmare that my character is living on.

Characters and their profiles:

-The heroine (picture on top in entry)

Halfway through the story her name is unknown. There is a logical explanation for this, but that will all be answered in due time. All we know is that she has ran away from the life she has lived for 21 years, and does not wish to come back to it ever again. In her waking nightmare she fazes in and out of a dreary realm in which she stumbles upon a town called “Silent Hill”. Not knowing where she is and what she is doing here, she decides to press on, uncertain of her fate and her reason of being here.

-The protagonist/antagonist

Throughout her time in “Silent Hill”, she sees someone who closely reminds her of Nicholas, the heroine’s brother. It seems like everywhere she turns, the back of Nicholas runs off into the distance, and she follows him, somehow telling her to follow him. But in turn, she finds things unbecoming of nightmares that are so unreal, but still presses on, seeking answers of why she's here. But is “Nicholas” friend or foe?


Angelic name for a man whom apparently is living in Silent Hill for sometime waiting for something. But for what? It seems he has a purpose for showing up at unexpected times. He seems normal, but in reality he’s not.


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