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Eternal Frost, uncalmed soul
Name: Hana Akane (Akane: Blood red Hana: flower)
Age: 18
Type: Vampire (half-blood)

History: Taken in by Kaito Akane (20). Her family was killed by his family, and she was the only survivor, because Kaito saved her and spared her life. His family however is disgusted at this being that they deem her a threat to them because Kaito has feeling for her, in which they knew and wanted to destroy. Their main reason was because "They wanted what was best for him", because he was to be married off to another pure-blood to keep the family line together. Kaito wants nothing but for humans to live alongside vampires. However him saving Hana's life goes against their doctrine, and there may be a chance she may fall into Level E. However what they don't know is that Hana and Kaito were childhood friends until he broke their friendship, because he wanted to keep her safe from him, being a "monster" and all. He loves her, in which she probably does not know, and didn't want to lose her. So he would watch her from afar, and made sure she didn't see him.

Hana cares about Kaito, even if he is a pure-blood vampire. Her sweet and shy nature tends to put a sour note to most people, because she tends to keep things to herself. She plays the violin, and wears a cross on her neck even if it burns at times. She does that so that she does not fall to be a Level E. However she does not want to drink blood, and the thirst hurts her.

Description: Light blond wavy hair, and blue-green eyes. Is 5'1'', petite, with an almost childish innocent face. Shy/introverted at times, but cares about others. She feels the pain of what happened that night, but never tries to show it. Kaito knows that nothing will take away that pain, no matter how much he tries.
Short preview:
[Hears violin music in the background]

Kaito: [Hiding in a grove] The angel from far, no matter how much I can't resist, she always pulls me close to her. I can't stand it.
Kyo (Kaito's friend): And yet you still watch her, why is that?
Kaito: Because love takes all forms, and because no matter how hard I try I can hear her thoughts, so sad. When I told her I was leaving, it was like I shot an arrow through her heart.
Kyo: But to bond with her...with a human...
Kaito: [looks at him harshly] I guess you don't understand, do you?
Kyo: This is what vampires call "marking", and that's what you did.
Kaito: I DID NOTHING OF THE SORT!!!! [music stops, both of them peek out from the grove, music resumes again] At least she didn't hear us, and no I did not mark her. It's just...[hesitates] I've been with her for years, and I think she knew that I was hiding something from her. I know my parents know about her, and if anything were to happen to her...
Kyo: You would "turn her"...[shakes head], you know you can't. If that were to happen, it would be a dire thing for both of you. [Touches Kaito's shoulder] Your life would be at stake, no I take it back...her life would be at stake. As far as yours...the committee would find ways to pull you apart. I know how they are Kaito.
Kaito: [shakes head] No...I won't let that happen, not to her [pulls away] for the love of God no. They are sick, I wouldn't let them kill her. There has to be a chance, a way.
Kyo: Do you really think so? I mean look at your parents, they're trying to get you away from here. I would take Michi in a heartbeat though.
Kaito: ....I want nothing to do with my parent's ideals...



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